Book Review: The Woman on the Orient Express

20170528_1234282.jpgBook: The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsay Jayne Ashford
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery
Print Date: September 2016

Short Review: A very intriguing read, yet it left me wanting more.

Long Review: Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres.  I thoroughly enjoy being educated on how things were done in the past, especially in London those are my favorites, and about events happening during that time. Occasionally, I become so intrigued by events depicted in novels that I then go pick up a Non-Fiction book to learn more about it!  I was very excited for this book due to the fact that it was set in an area of the world that I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction about. I was sadly left wanting more from the novel that I got in the end.

I want to start by saying that I very much enjoyed the bond of friendship that was forged between three strangers that met on a train. I found this to be the best part of the story, until the end, that all three women were taking this trip on the Orient Express for different reasons and all found each other when they needed it most. They all began this friendship under a lie of some sort, yet you get to watch it blossom into something great. A lot of this has to do with them accepting and moving on from what took them to the Orient Express in the first place.

The lies and secrecy at the beginning hooked me immediately.  I love books that keep you guessing to figure out the deep dark secrets before they are actually solved. This is where the book let me down tho.  The revelations of the lies were not near as twisty and exciting as I was speculating them to be.

I will not spoil anything, but I will say there was a moment that was supposed to be big and I found it very anti-climactic. However, it was still an interesting read that I rated a 3/5 on Goodreads. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it.


The train must go one. Trust the train…
~The Woman on the Orient Express – Lindsay Jayne Ashford


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